Body Health

Back Treatment — $130

Get rid of unsightly blemishes on your back and shoulders. A back treatment is similar to a facial except it is performed on the back instead of the face. Back treatments are great for getting rid of back acne, congested pores, dehydration and certain skin conditions that can sometimes be painful. This is an invigorating treatment for that hard to reach area. The treatment includes deep pore cleansing, dry brushing, enzyme exfoliation, lymphatic massage, and a detoxifying mask, for a therapeutic as well as relaxing treatment.

Underarm Detox — $40

Our underarm detox is a natural technique that helps to reduce toxins, brighten armpit darkness, remove aluminum and impurities that build up in the body accumulate in the underarm area. Armpit detoxification helps boost the immune system, balance bacteria, control sweat build-up in the glands and the amount of odor they produce while removing buildup that can be created by chemical deodorants on the skin. During this treatment, the underarm area receives a deep cleanse & exfoliation under steam, extractions of ingrown hair, detoxifying mask, soothing skin serum to treat any redness/inflammation and rub down using our anti-bump/ingrown hair solution. This treatment is also highly recommended and for anyone looking to transition from an aluminum based antiperspirant to a natural deodorant.

Lotus Intimate Facial Treatment — $65

This service includes a Brazilian wax and all the benefits of a traditional facial except it's specifically designed for your most delicate areas. The facial (vajacial) for your lotus (vagina) involves a ph balanced deep cleansing & exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and includes - ingrown hair extraction (as needed) & unsightly bumps, custom mask, steaming, a soothing moisturizer & in-grown prevention treatment. Additional treatments are available and can be customized to your unique needs. This treatment is recommended for every woman that regularly gets brazilian or bikini waxes, shaves or just want to keep their intimate parts neat and tidy.

Add on Enhancement Services

We have several enhancements available as add on services including:

A list of all add on services available upon booking an appointment.