The journal will be centered around Skincare and Body Wellness. The purpose of this journal to encourage those who struggle with maintaining skincare routines, keeping track of their monthly skincare and wellness routines and to help them to document products, and routines. Whether you take your notes in the morning or before bed, it can be a small way to pause and reflect on your skin for the day.

12-Months Journal

An intentional and fun way to record everything that impacts your skin from products, to breakouts, acne, rosacea and dryness.

Track Your Skin Health

You'll find pages to track your skin health, products, and body wellness. Our journal also has sections for “treatment notes” to share with your Esthetician monthly along with affirmations to reminding you to record and stick to your routine.

6 Months of Skin Coaching

You’ll receive 6 months of “Skin Coaching” from a Licensed professional offered in a group session (via zoom) to help answer questions or concerns you may have related to your skin and recommendations to help reach your goals.